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8 easy steps to take care of your lace wig - Yeva Hair
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8 easy steps to take care of your lace wig

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What is a lace wig?

A  lace wig is a wig with a natural look, thanks to the tulle which allows to obtain a look identical to that of the scalp. The wig becomes undetectable.

This protective hairstyle allows you to obtain several styles (duvet, chinions, ponytail, loose hair etc…) but be careful, everything will depend on the type of lace wig you choose, because there are several. 

We will write an article that will help you better understand the different styles of lace wig that exist and how to guide your choice.

The advantage of the lace wig is that it can be used to create a protective hairstyle that does not harm your hair while maintaining a natural style. You can use your wig for several years as long as you take good care of it.

lace wig

Tips to take care of your lace wig

  • Treat your lace wig as if it were your natural hair
  • Remove the glue from your lace with olive oil, a C22 solvent or 90° alcohol.
  • Wash your lace wig with a mild shampoo in cold or warm water, dive it in water several times without rubbing, you can untangle the knots with your finger if there are any. Do not paint or brush your wet lace wig as this will damage it.
  • Leave it to dry in the open air and avoid the hair dryer.
  • Take care of your lace wig using products adapted to the wig texture you have:
    • For wavy hair: after wetting your hair, use a styling and moisturizing mousse or spray
    • For straight and frizzy hair: use a nourishing oil (non-greasy) or styling cream.
    • For colored hair: use a nourishing oil (non-greasy) or styling cream. Also emphasize hydration with dry oil, about 3 times a week.
  • Untangle your lace wig  from the ends to the roots of your hair
  • The use of a continuous straightening iron damages the hair, which reduces its lifespan.
  • Regardless of the type of lace wig you have considered moisturizing your strands regularly, this step is very important especially on coloured hairs.

Now you know a few secrets to be able to take care of your wig lace, do not hesitate to share it with you friends.

Help us to get to know you better : comment below the type of lace wig you prefer (curly, wavy, kinky, stiff etc)






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